Morrowind Journal, Day One: Can’t Stab Goasts

So, today I learned three things about The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, and they are as follows: 1: Don’t buy discount spells 2: When planning your tomb, racism is a factor 3: Can’t Stab Goasts So the story of Morrowind begins with you, Buddy McWhilliger, on a boat. You get a blurry, LSD-Dream-Emulator-Esque intro, and […]


Nutty Reviews: Bioshock: Infinite(ly overrated)

Back in the year of 2010, a trailer was revealed for a game called BioShock Infinite. It was the successor to BioShock 2, the sequel to BioShock. I know, hard to grasp, but bear with me, dear reader. When the first trailer rolled out, it looked very interesting. A new sky-type setting, a dysfunctional city […]

PC Vs. Console: Pros of both (A 3-Part Series)

Now with more delays than Duke Nukem Forever, but hopefully much better, it’s! The site that brings you reviews on literally anything! Today I’ll be talking about one subject in particular, and that is the Gaming War of late. PC Gaming or Console Gaming? It seems like you have to pick a side these […]

Nuts to You: Simcity 2013

One of the most simple concepts in existence is the game of Simcity; build a town, create a few nuclear power plants, an apartment building or two, and release a natural disaster on it when you get bored of it. How could anyone mess this up as much as they did? How could a singleplayer […]

List: My Top Seven memes of 2012

Note: There are seven below. Why? Seven is a more acute number than ten, and more than five. So, instead of a Top Ten list, here are my top seven. Also, seven is my favourite number.   Oh, memes. They plague our everyday existence, they make their way into jokes and conversations they never should […]

Nuts to you: The Mayan 2012 Apocalypse

Let’s get one thing out of the way first: I sincerely believe everything I say below. Seriously. Unless you have been living in a hole for 127 hours, you have no doubt heard of the impending apocalypse. It states that there is something terrible about to happen on the Twenty-First of December, Twenty-Twelve. That’s two […]

Daily Anecdote: Goggles 2

Let’s get one thing out of the way first: I sincerely believe everything I say below. Seriously.   Today we shall talk about what may be the greatest invention in the history of humans. It puts the combustion engine, the Internet, the printing press, and the yet-to-be-made Hoverboard. That’s right, I am of course talking […]

I’ve been behind, because these are clogging the pipes.

These are a few of the up-and-coming features of the new, improved, finally-having-some-direction that will be here very soon! The Daily Anecdote Here I will put up a small tidbit that I found humorous, odd, or otherwise interesting today. Usually this will not be of much substance, spanning less than 2 paragraphs usually, but […]

Funny Pic Dump: 11-09-12

Hey guys, thought I’d share a few pictures I’ve snapped around the city of New Westminster. Sorry if they are a little Lo-res, they were taken on an iTouch.   First up is this store near my house, a thrift store called B|_|CKBU$TER, large U to block out the L and O in Blockbuster. This […]

photo 5

ZombieSmash: A Review

One of my favorite apps on my iTouch is the game ZombieSmash. Developed by GameDoctors, this game is one of the staples that any gamer should have on their Idevice. Premise: The game takes place in the zombie apocalypse, with you defending a small ranch house with your rather… Unique way of dealing with them. […]